Our Mission

Our Mission

History and mission of the Venezuela American Medical Association and it's goals to aid in Venezuela.

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                         Dr. Carlos Bustamante            Subtitles available in English

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Who we are

Since 1996 we are a non for profit organization of Venezuelan physicians residents in the US.  We make no discrimination as to race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions.

The Venezuelan American Medical Association (VAMA) operates according the main values that guide our medical profession;  excellence, compassion, altruism and trustworthiness.

Our Vision

A professional community of valued physicians practicing the highest quality health care in their communities. We continue to contribute to the advancement of medicine in our home country, Venezuela. 

We will work to achieve our vision by offering:

·       Expert professional guidance to our members, whenever they need it.

·       A network where they can connect with each other, through our social media and events.

·       Preparation of our doctors to respond to natural disasters or any emergent  health crisis scenario in Venezuela.


Join us

In light of the current severe humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, the Venezuelan American Medical Association wants to speak up for our people, who are undergoing the destruction of the health care system with devastating consequences for their population and future. Venezuela is in desperate need of  physicians, medications , supplies and above all, they need coordinated consistent and efficient help.

We foster hope and the dedication to care for  others, but above all we share a passionate love for our country.

We pursue to enhance cooperation mechanisms with our colleagues there, who are battling sickness with almost no resources.

For these reasons we need you! VAMA has opened a free registration period to all Venezuelan doctors residing in the US.

Together we can make a difference! We are VAMA we are Venezuela.