How can you help?

We have an established network of Venezuelan doctors in multiple hospitals and states in Venezuela. In light of the worsening severe medical and humanitarian crisis and the urgent need for help, we have developed a system to determine the most urgent needs, find the medications and supplies and place them in different hospitals and healthcare centers.

We have been able to deliver our shipments thus far without any interruptions or complications and with your help we will continue to answer their call.

Please help us save lives. VENEZUELA NEEDS US NOW!

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We operate with the WHO Generic Essential Emergency Equipment List as a guideline for the minimal medical emergency requirements. 

Constant communication through our trusted doctors network, in Venezuela and the United States helps us attend the most emergent issues.

Send your donations to our collection centers

  • Cuatro por Venezuela: 2726 Bissonett street #240-338, Houston, Texas

  • VAMA: 3377 NW 24th rd, Miami, Florida, 33142

Help us get our help to Venezuela



We face an unprecedented challenge to deliver humanitarian help into Venezuela, we need every bit of help. Contact us if you can donate the transportation space or collaborate with sending fees. 

Contact VAMA:


8395 SW 73rd Ave, Ste 801   Miami, FL 33143

☎ (305) 985-3148