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VAMA's Press Releases

Venezuelan American Medical Association (VAMA) would like to express its concern regarding the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and the violent deaths of the youth of the country

June 1 2017



Venezuelan American Medical Association (VAMA) would like to express its concern regarding the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and the violent deaths of the youth of the country

            Venezuelan American Medical Association (VAMA) wants to express its grave concern regarding the increase in violence and ensuing dangerous atmosphere and culture, that currently pervades our country. People have died or have been severely wounded during the most recent demonstrations. We want to mention the tragic death of Paul Rene Moreno, a medical school student who lost his life last week. As physicians and a medical association, we stand by human rights. As protectors of life and healthcare of the people, we are alarmed at the loss of our youth, who are the future of the nation. We greatly admire our medical colleagues in Venezuela, who are currently engaged in medical work under the most difficult conditions and have to take desperate measures to procure medications for their patients, take care of the wounded without the necessary medical supplies and in many occasions, risk their own lives. This is the story of Paul Rene Moreno. He was a final year medical student who in multiple occasions, bravely put his life on the line to aid protesters. The situation is beyond critical. It has reached an unprecedented crisis and the future of Venezuela is at stake. A recently published statistics bulletin showed an increase in children mortality up to 30% in 2016 compared to 2015, mostly secondary to preventable diseases and severe malnutrition.

            Additionally, through social media we have witnessed the hospital and healthcare centers’ deplorable conditions. Hospital storage rooms and supply-shelves are painfully empty. Many patients have to be taken care of directly on the floor due to lack of beds and facilities. The Venezuelan Medical Federation estimates a 95% supply deficit in public centers. For Venezuelan physicians, there has never been, or shall be, any precedent for making a distinction of race, socioeconomic status or political orientation, for providing medical care to the population. We cannot and will not pick one side. We only see patients in need and we will always have a responsibility to our people and to our colleagues. We strongly condemn the violence. We condemn any violation of human rights, the right for life, and healthcare access. With a heavy heart, we honor all those doctors like Paul Moreno who put their lives on the line, tireless heroes in these very difficult times.